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In-House Digital Printing Facility Built to Handle the Dynamics of Fashion

With the vibrancy of the fashion industry and its ever-changing trends, the Colorway team in Los Angeles is proud to be the leader in domestic digital textile printing with the capability to compete with import prices and shorter production times, giving your company additional control in place. We are dedicated to perfection, whether you are printing a single roll or 10,000. Our design team, sales representatives, and support staff are all talented, knowledgeable and ready to take on your company's projects in this challenging market. Please contact us directly through email.

Printing Services

  • Digital Wet Print, Washable Production Quality
  • Digital Wet Print, Nonwashable Production Quality for Quick Mock-Up & Design Approval
  • Digital Heat Transfer/Sublimation in Production Qualities

Platform of Fabric in Woven & Knit:

  • Polyesters, Nylons, & Synthetics
  • All-Natural Fibers, Cottons, Rayon, Modals, Viscose, Silks, Lyocell, & More


  • 3 Yards of Sample Mock-Up to Long Production Runs

Lead Time:

  • • 2-10 Days Based on Run Requirements

File Platform:

  • 300 DPI Resolution in TIFF or PSD Format via Email or Present


  •  Apparel
  • Accessories, Such as Scarves
  • Interiors & Homewares (Curtains & Linens)
  • Promotional (Banners, Backdrops, & Displays)

Market Coverage:

  • Apparel Manufacturers
  • Established & Upcoming Designers
  • Artists, Photographers, Illustrators, & Students
  • Any Individual with a Unique Design or Image Wanting to Print onto Fabric


  • Limitless Colors
  • Fine Level of Detail with Color Accuracy
  • Quick Turnarounds
  • Low Minimums
  • Immediate Prototype of Design on a Variety of Fabric Bases
  • No Screens, Long Waits, or Screen Engravings Required
  • Flexibility to Enlarge or Reduce Image & Repeat Size
  • Commission Printing on Customer's Fabrics

Environmentally Friendly Process:

  • No Use of Large Amounts of Water & Chemicals to Strip & Clean Screens
  • No Wastage or Storage of Unused Inks
  • No Fumes or Chemicals Released During Printing
  • Minimum Heat & Noise in the Process
  • Minimal Fabric Wastage in Printing

*All services listed below are offered for both commission and package printing.

Woman With a Digitally Designed Scarf


Colorway effortlessly prints on all woven and knit fabrications. All-natural fibers are digitally wet printed. These include, but are not limited to, silk, cotton, rayon, rayon blends, modal, viscose, lyocell, and Tencel. We utilize sublimation for printing on synthetics, such as polyester and nylon.

Production Options

Commission Print
You supply the fabric, and our team prints your design. We offer digital printing on natural-fiber qualities and synthetic blends. There are no minimums on runs, and prices are quoted based on yardage needs. Please email us or call (323) 264-6080.

Package Print
Our vast array of carefully selected fabric styles can become the source of your inspiration, and we provide the base fabric. As our name implies, rest assure your entire package is in good hands at Colorway. We invite you to make an appointment to come visit our beautiful showroom where we offer you tea and biscuits or mimosas and cheese, depending on the mood. Please email us or call (323) 264-6080 to speak with one of our expert account managers and arrange a tour of our inspiring showroom.

Strike-Off Printing

Digital A4 Size
Block strike-offs are approved for size 12" x 12". This is available using either reactive printing or sublimation. Prices start at $25 to $35 per strike off.

Digital Wet Print Yardage - Washable Production Quality
The minimum for digital printing is 3 yards. However, the pre-coating of fabric requires a full roll of about 75 to 80 yards, which can be stored at our facility for future strike-off projects. You also have the option to choose one of our many pre-coated styles for immediate use. Both commission and print package options are available, starting at $55 per yard. Please email us for further details. The golden rule in printing of fabrics is "a well-prepared fabric is a fabric half-dyed.